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We're revolutionizing the used kids clothing market making it easy to shop online for gently used quality kids clothes. This is a great Alternative making buying for your kiddos easy and convenient.

If you're in Vancouver, WA you can order online or if you're out of the area we have very affordable shipping rates, including FREE shipping on orders over $25, which combined with our already great pricing makes us a top pick for parents to shop. 


This idea started unfolding during the summer of 2018 when, owner, Emilee's eight year old daughter, co-owner, Kalli asked if she could spend her $8 to buy some used kids clothes so she could sell them and make some money. Over the next couple of months of selling a dozen or more items a week Kalli and mom officially teamed up and started buying and selling together.

During this time one of our local resale companies service took a turn for the worse and we wanted to come up with something that could not only be a great alternative here in Vancouver but help parents around the US.

After months of increased activity, prayers, planning and many discussions it was decided to open and make Mommy & Me come to life. We thought this name fitting because Mommy and Child were the founders and we offer clothes for mommy's and kiddos. 

Hesitant to jump right into a storefront too quick the company was founded on Christmas December 2018, as an e-commerce store. In February 2019 we started the process for leasing and building out our storefront in Vancouver and officially opened that location in April 2019.

We appreciate all the support and look forward to building relationships with all of you and becoming a staple in the kids clothing community!